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Machine shop capabilities include forging, sawing, tapping, single point threading, drilling, turning, and milling. This gives us the capability to respond to specific customer designs and modifications

on a "Quick Turn" basis.

Stud and Bar Cutting with Automatic Saws

Precision Part Manufacture on High-Speed CNC Turning Center

Production Cut Threading Up To 2 1/2" Diameter

Threaded rod being cut to length

We are one of the few manufacturers that "Over-Taps" all nuts to "Customer Specifications"

prior to coating with Xylan® materials.

Nuts being over-tapped prior to Xylan® coating

Precision over-tapping allows clearance for the thickness of the coating material on the stud

and nut and assures a smooth run when performing installation.

This is particularly important in difficult access areas and subsea installations.

Calibrated thread gages for verification of over-tap dimensions and for custom threading

We maintain a full range of box and pin thread gages for verifying that nuts are properly tapped

and over-tapped. (Over-tapping is performed to customer specifications prior to applying a coating).

These gages are also used to monitor the machining of custom studs and nuts.

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