Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums

May 2, 2021
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Welcome to the world of Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums, brought to you by J & B Fasteners. Our range of high-end, top-quality paddock vacuums surpasses all expectations, delivering outstanding results and efficiency in paddock maintenance. If you are tired of spending hours manually cleaning your paddocks and struggling to remove debris effectively, our powerful PC-1000 and PC-500 models are here to transform your cleaning routine.

Efficient Paddock Cleaning

Keeping your paddocks clean and debris-free is crucial to ensure the overall health and well-being of your horses. With Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums, you no longer need to rely on tiring manual labor or inefficient cleaning techniques. Our PC-1000 and PC-500 models are designed to provide unparalleled efficiency in removing all types of debris, including leaves, twigs, manure, and other unwanted materials that accumulate in your paddocks.

Powerful PC-1000 Model

The PC-1000 model from Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums is a true game-changer in the paddock cleaning industry. With its powerful suction capability and robust construction, it can handle even the most challenging cleaning tasks. Equipped with a high-capacity debris collection bag, the PC-1000 model ensures uninterrupted cleaning sessions without the need for frequent emptying. Its advanced filtration system guarantees that no particles or dust escape, leaving your paddocks fresh and pristine.

Advanced Features of PC-1000:

  • High-capacity debris collection bag: Allows for extended cleaning sessions without interruptions.
  • Powerful suction capability: Efficiently removes all types of debris, including large leaves and small twigs.
  • Durable construction: Built to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Advanced filtration system: Prevents the release of particles and dust into the environment.
  • Easy maneuverability: Lightweight design and sturdy wheels ensure effortless navigation.

Convenient PC-500 Model

If you are looking for a versatile and convenient option, our PC-500 model is the perfect choice. This compact and powerful paddock vacuum is designed to tackle both small and medium-sized paddocks with ease. Its innovative design allows for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for those with limited space. The PC-500 model maintains the same high-quality standards as the PC-1000, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Highlighted Features of PC-500:

  • Compact and portable: Easy to store and transport, perfect for smaller paddocks.
  • Efficient suction: Removes debris effectively without compromising performance.
  • Durable build: Built to withstand regular use and provide long-term reliability.
  • Simple operation: User-friendly interface for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Easy maintenance: Quick and straightforward cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Take Control of Your Paddock Maintenance

With Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums, you can finally take control of your paddock maintenance and ensure a clean and safe environment for your horses. No more backbreaking labor or ineffective cleaning methods. Our PC-1000 and PC-500 models are designed to simplify your cleaning routine and elevate your paddock maintenance standards to new heights.

Invest in Superior Quality

J & B Fasteners is proud to offer the Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums range, renowned for its exceptional quality and performance. When you choose our paddock vacuums, you are investing in a reliable and durable solution that will transform the way you clean your paddocks. Say goodbye to subpar cleaning equipment and welcome the efficiency and power of Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums.


Discover the superior cleaning capabilities of Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums available at J & B Fasteners. Our PC-1000 and PC-500 models offer unmatched efficiency, power, and durability in paddock maintenance. Don't settle for average cleaning equipment when you can revolutionize your cleaning routine and provide a cleaner environment for your horses. Choose Trafalgar Paddock Vacuums today and experience the difference.

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